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Welcome To TheLogoLg For more than fifteen years, our law firm has been providing highly effective legal services to families and individuals. We specialize in Elder Law, Estate Planning, Asset Protection, Estate Administration, Probate, and Estate Tax Planning. We also represent people facing Medicaid estate recovery. We take great pride in our level of personal attention and aggressive representation. We can accommodate appointments in most areas of New York State and also do home visits for those unable to visit us.

Planning for Fido and Fluffy: Help your clients orchestrate a smooth transition


A Simple Will Does Not Minimize Taxes

Under current New York State law, an individual can pass up to $2.0 million to his or her heirs free of transfer taxes. For purposes of determining the transfer (estate) tax, life insurance proceeds, pension plan, and annuity death benefits as well as liquid assets, real estate and securities are counted. Individuals and couples with an estate in excess of $2.0 million may benefit from a variety of trusts which can help minimize any transfer tax liabilities.

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